The UWO Motor Control Lab Finger Challenge


Screen shot

Dextrickery is a new game that will test your manual dexterity and learning ability to the limit.

It is a little like Dance Dance Revolution ® or Guitar Hero ®... but for one hand.

Dots show you exactly with which fingers you need to touch the screen, and which fingers to lift up. What's more, you need to get the transition between these “chords” exactly right and go smoothly from one gesture to the next, without lifting up you hand in between. Sounds easy, but is devilish hard at first!

With practice, you will quickly master these and make finger movements that you would before not have thought possible. So, take up the challenge! Show us what you are capable off and break our lab record (currently at 233.8)!

The Science

Dextrickery is currently being run by members of the Computational Brain Science Group at the Brain and Mind Institute at the University of Western Ontario.

In our research group we study how humans learn complicated skills, how we control the hand, and how finger movements recover after stroke. We use non-invasive imaging techniques to understand how these skills are represented in the brain.

The idea for Dextrickery was born when we tried to develop a finger movement task which would be hard even for normal people to learn. In the process we discovered that you can get much better at this task with practice and that it can be quite fun! We will record all data from the app, and use the data to understand better which aspects of hand control can be improved and how people differ in their ability to do so.

The Dextrickery development team

George Prichard
Naveed Ejaz
Emile Holmewood
Jörn Diedrichsen
Madhavi Mohan