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Trial Class Reference

Abstract Class that specifies the basic functions of a trial. More...

#include <Experiment.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Trial ()
virtual ~Trial ()
virtual void read (istream &in)=0
 Trial input from Target file.
virtual void writeHeader (ostream &out)=0
 Write the header of a data file.
virtual void writeDat (ostream &out)=0
 Trial output to data file.
virtual void writeMov (ostream &out)=0
 Trial output to mov file.
virtual void updateGraphics (int eye)=0
 Update Graphics window (called ~60hz)
virtual void updateHaptics ()=0
 Update Haptics (called with 1000 hz)
virtual void control ()=0
 main implementation of trial
virtual void start ()=0
 Start the Trial.
virtual void end ()=0
 response to a request to end trial
virtual bool isFinished ()=0
 Trial Finished ?
virtual bool isValid ()
 Has trial been valid?
virtual Trialcopy ()
 get a copy of the trial
virtual void updateTextDisplay ()
 Update the text display (call from Text display)
virtual void copyHaptics ()
 Copy haptic state for thread safe copying.
virtual void record ()
 recording of data frame

Detailed Description

Abstract Class that specifies the basic functions of a trial.

To specify the behavior of your experiment, make a class MyTrial that Inherits from the class Trial and specify the pure virtual functions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Trial::Trial ( )


empty constructor

Trial::~Trial ( ) [virtual]


empty destructor

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