Robotcode  1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BlockAbstract block class with behavior for a collection of trials
DataManager< T, N >Template class that takes care of memory allocation for recorded data
DataRecordData storage class that holds data for one time sample for the DataManager
ExperimentAbstract Root class that specifies a lot of the default behaviors of an experiment
KalmanFilter< N >Kalman filter for efficient and optimal velocity estimation based on (noisy) position data with possibly noisy timing
ManipulandumDRClass for control of the 2-link dual arm robot under a s626 io board in QS17, B05
ManipulandumMRClass for control of the 2-link fMRI compatible robot
ManipulandumRed2DClass for control of the threedom robot (located in QS33, lab1) with use of grasp endpoint device (2D)
Matrix2DClass that implements mathematical operations for a 2x2 matrix
MyBlockBehavior of a block in your experiment. Most is inherited from Block
MyExperimentAn experiment is the root-object of the program
MyTrialThis is the core class that determines most of the behavior of the experiment
S626sManagerHandles all communication with the s626 boards
ScreenWindow that is displayed to the Participant
TargetImplements some routines that are useful for having a reachin target
TextDisplayProvides the Window which which the Experimenter can commicate with the program
TimerTimer class that works with the s626 board
TrialAbstract Class that specifies the basic functions of a trial
Vector2DClass that implements mathematical operations for a 2x1 vector