Robotcode  1.0
S626sManager Class Reference

Handles all communication with the s626 boards. More...

#include <S626sManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

void init (string configfile)
 Initialize the boards under a certain config file.
void initCounter (int c, int board=0)
 Initializes c as Quad counter with Index.
void initTTLCounter (int c, int board=0)
 Initializes c as a single phase TTL counter.
void initTimer (int c, int board=0)
 Initializes c as timer.
void initOverflow (int c, int board=0)
 Initializes c as overflow timer.
void initInterrupt (void(*fcn)(void), int updateR)
 Initializes interrupt and starts.
void stopInterrupt ()
 stop the interrupt routine
long getCounter (int c, int board=0)
 Get result from couters.
void resetCounter (int c, int board=0)
 resets the counter to preload register (0)
double getTime (int low=CNTR_1A, int high=CNTR_1B)
 Get absolute time in ms (counter 1A/1B)
void resetTime (int low=CNTR_1A, int high=CNTR_1B)
 reset time to zero (counter 1A/1B)
int getErrorState ()
 get error state
double getUpdateRate ()
 returns update rate in ms
double getAD (int c, int board=0)
 returns value for AD in voltage
int registerAD (int c, int range, int board=0)
 puts an AD-channel on the poll-list
void updateAD (int board=0)
 pulls all registered AD channels
void outDA (int channel, double volts, int board=0)
 Put voltage on outDA.
void outDIO (int channel, short state, int board=0)
 Put state(1/0) on DIO.
unsigned int readDIO (int channel, int board)
 read DIO


void AppISR ()
 Primary callback function which call updateCallback.

Detailed Description

Handles all communication with the s626 boards.

Manages the resources of one or more S626 board. You should never have to talk to the dll directly. The class does allocation and low level interrupt handling so that multiple devices cannot conflict in their resource allocation.

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